Friday, 18 March 2011

Mochi class at Atsuko's Kitchen

A while ago I did a Japanese sweet making class (mochi lesson) at Atsuko's Kitchen on Kingsland Road. Absolutely loved it, not only because I adore anything mochi but also because Atsuko herself is absolutely adorable. She runs Japanese cooking classes from a cafe in the back of a healthy/organic/Wholefoods-y type shop called The Grocery (54 Kingsland Road) which is itself a lovely shop to browse.

Of the 5 of us there for the class, I was the only one who was a new face. They had all taken part in either her beginner or advanced course which says a lot to me.

The class was brilliant and the food was so interesting and if it weren't so darned far away from SW11 then I'd definitely sign up for her beginners Japanese cooking class which is a 5 week course and you learn all kinds of soup stocks, rice dishes, miso, gyoza etc. I'll have to think hard about whether I can commit to going to the back of beyond once a week!

I took photos on my phone but, sadly, can't figure out how to load them to my computer!